Charlie Hebdo’s Earthquake Cartoon

Charlie Hebdo is the French satire magazine mostly famous (infamous?) for printing and reprinting cartoons of Mohammed, though they attack all religions.

But their Islamophobia was again on display when, hours after the horrific Turkish-Syrian earthquake that has resulted in over 20,000 dead, Charlie Hebdo produced a cartoon joking about the disaster.

The cartoon was titled “Earthquake in Turkey.”

© Charlie Hebdo/Pierrick Juin

The caption reads “Didn’t need to send tanks!”

From TRT World:

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has sparked condemnation over a cartoon in which they mock the victims of two deadly earthquakes in Türkiye.

The “Cartoon of the Day” was shared on Twitter hours after the earthquake on Monday showing damaged buildings, a toppled car and hills of debris. 

“Earthquake in Türkiye. (Didn’t) even need to send tanks,” the drawing said.

From EuroNews:

Charlie Hebdo is, of course, well known for its sharp tongue and sarcastic approach. Many of the cartoons it published in the past have caused widespread anger. But this, arguably, is the magazine’s lowest and most inappropriate point.

I don’t cover a lot of the international cartoon world, Mike Peterson’s column earlier today prompted this report.