Doonesbury Mention of Hunter’s Laptop Gets Sardonic Reception from Conservative Media

The Daily Signal, the conservative Heritage Foundation’s digital news platform, noted that “leftist” Doonesbury cartoonist Garry B. Trudeau finally mentioned Hunter Biden’s laptop.

From The Daily Signal:

Back in early August, fully 18 months into the presidency of Democrat Joe Biden, we noted with curiosity how the liberal newspaper editorial cartoon “Doonesbury” still had not even mentioned Biden, much less ridiculed or lampooned anything about his administration…

But now, finally, this past Sunday, Trudeau for the first time mentioned a Biden, though still not Joe or his omnishambles administration. In the final panel of the cartoon, Trudeau referenced Hunter, but only ever-so-gingerly.

© G. B. Trudeau

The article contains a roll call of possible Biden topics ripe for satire that Trudeau has ignored, and a list of Trump/GOP actions that have been ridiculed in the Doonesbury comic strip.

As for the January 29, 2023 Doonesbury page The Daily Signal ends with:

It’s not much, and it will be interesting to see whether it proves to be just a gentle one-off, or if Trudeau will finally, belatedly start going after the Bidens—Joe and Hunter—with anywhere near the ferocity he has reserved for Trump.

The current article is followed by rerunning the August 2022 article that traces some “egregious examples” of the wrong-headed cartoonist attacking the right-minded nobility.

5 thoughts on “Doonesbury Mention of Hunter’s Laptop Gets Sardonic Reception from Conservative Media

  1. Don’t they get it at all? Can’t they decipher even the most evident humor? The joke isn’t on Hunter Biden, the joke’s on those willfully oblivious Republicans! I mean, they have to get it, right? This is just more of that willful pretend ignorance. They’re not really that stupid. I can understand being that evil, but not that stupid.

  2. No, they aren’t that stupid. But the base they are playing to is. Daily Signal’s response made certain no one in that base would think about what the cartoon was really saying about the laptop issue.

  3. Lemme get this straight—

    A publication that doesn’t run any cartoons of its own, wasted the pixels on a article griping about how one cartoonist didn’t handle an issue the way they wanted?

    I mean, Trudeau’s leanings are pretty well established, but it’s not like he’s the only political cartoonist around, nor does he have the impact on public opinion that, say, a cable news talking head would. If the Daily Signal people are so upset about one cartoonist’s take, why don’t they pony up the cash to promote a conservative cartoonist that’ll say what they want (it’s not like conservative cartoonists don’t exist)?

    Between what I’ve seen of Tucker and Hannity and the midwestern b-listers that are popular in my area like “Chicks on the Right”, what passes for conservative thought these days seems to be nothing but whining over hurt feelings and inconsequential slights.

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