The 2023 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Button & Poster by G. B. Trudeau

“Doonesbury” cartoonist Garry Trudeau has released his button design for the 2023 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. Using the Winter Carnival’s designated theme “Roman around Carnival,” Trudeau’s illustration shows “Doonesbury” character Zonker as a Roman Emperor depicted on the shape of an ancient coin with the year 2023 displayed in roman numerals. Trudeau, who was raised in Saranac Lake, has created the Winter Carnival button design since 1981 to benefit the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival.

© G. B. Trudeau; all proceeds go to the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

The poster and button design for 2023 feature Doonesbury‘s BD and Zonker.

This is a bit different from previous years. Since 2012, when Garry started creating the posters, they took a circular section of the poster and that image, maybe with a small alteration, was the button.

But this year Garry had to draw the button image as a separate piece.

That medallion on BD’s chest plate isn’t defined enough to blow up for the button.

Carnival attendees can buy the button and so can those of us who won’t be there:

Buttons will also be sold during Winter Carnival at its gift shop and history hut located on River St at the boat launch. They are also available through mail order by sending a check payable to Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee, Attention: Barb Martin, P.O. Box 566, Saranac Lake, New York 12983. Please note that this mailing address is different than in the past for those who automatically mail requests each year. Past Winter Carnival buttons are also available for $5. For more information contact Barb Martin at (518) 891-2382. There is an additional cost for shipping based on quantity of buttons ordered: 1-4 – $5, 5-8 – $6, 9 or more – $8 (prices subject to change).

Details, and much larger images of the button and poster, at the Saranac Winter Carnival page.

Check out earlier buttons here.

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  1. Thanks for posting on this, D.D. I love these, and finally last year built a complete set of the buttons… until now! Trudeau and Doonesbury are one of the great strips of the 20th-21st century and it’s great to see his charity work continue.

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