R.F.D. Ends

Rural Free Delivery continues for those of you in the hinterlands,

but the R.F.D. comic strip by Mike Marland has delivered its last new comic strip this week.

above: last R.F.D. comic strip via The Pickens County Courier; © King Features Syndicate

King Features and Mike announced the ending a month ago, so it’s not unexpected (as another may be).

Whether reruns will be offered from the King Features Weekly Service is not yet known.

Below are the dates of the strip to the best I can glean from sources.

R. F. D. (aka: Rural Free Delivery)

by Mike Marland

1982 – ? in The Littleton (N.H.) Courier weekly

1983 (trial) & May 1983 – May 1986 in The Union Leader (Manchester, N.H.) daily

March 1988 – April 1992 in The Union Leader weekly(?)

(The week of) May 11, 1992 – (the week of) January 30, 2023 King Features Weekly Service

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