Picto-Fiction* From the Past

Swiping a cartoonist’s style is not new to Artificial Intelligence.

Here, from 1973, is an RCA Records advertisement for a new David Bowie 45. The ad agency knew what they wanted, but they, or RCA, didn’t want to spend the money to hire the real cartoonist.

© RCA; image via Reddit

Recalling my childhood.

Animation Resources recently present us with a dozen episodes of Nervy Nat from Judge magazine of the 1900s, where cartoonist James Montgomery Flagg seems to borrow some styling from W. C. Fields.

Now Bill Blackbeard was a Collector, we’re all just pikers compared to Bill.

In the late 1990s, six semi-trucks hauled 75 tons of newspaper comic strips, Sunday features and other newspaper and print materials from San Francisco to Ohio State University in Columbus.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its acquisition, a segment of the collection is on view through May 7 in “Man Saves Comics” at the Cartoon Library & Museum.

Nancy Gilson, for The Columbus Dispatch reviews the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum exhibit of Man Saves Comics! Bill Blackbeard’s Treasure of 20th Century Newspapers.

Dan Piraro’s 30 Silly And Funny Single-Panel Comics With Unexpectedly Absurd Situations.

© Bizarro Studios

Bored Panda presents some of their favorite recent Bizarro panels;

and though most of them are by Wayno he gets no mention in the introduction.

Recalling my childhood (part two, and real this time).

© Frank Brunner

Last week for $480 Heritage Auctions sold a hand-colored print of Frank Brunner‘s centerfold spread of the tabloid The Monster Times #40 (April, 1975), though it was drawn in 1972 and laid fallow ’til then?

The Monster Times regularly appeared at my local newsstand and is fondly remembered.

Featured image © Jules Feiffer