A Nod Is As Good As A Wink

So John McPherson just bops us in the face with it in today’s Close to Home.

© John McPherson

“It” being the fourth wall.

But others were more subtle today.

© King Features Syndicate

Francesco Marciuliano and Jim Keefe, in today’s Sally Forth, has Hilary recognize a certain rhyme and reason to her cartoonish life.

Even deeper in the trenches is Joey Alison Sayers and Jonathan Lemon getting Alley Oop and Ooola into a sidebar conversation about age.


Alley Oop recently celebrated its 90th anniversary as a comic strip. But also it was four years ago, January 2019, that Sayers and Lemon took over the comic strip.

And then …

Ruben Bolling presents a carefully chosen Thursday rerun of Tom the Dancing Bug to lead us into the Friday GoComics installment of the comic strip. Billy Dare stars in this week’s new chapter of Tom the Dancing Bug and includes a couple guest stars (plus a couple cameos later in the episode).

© R. Bolling

If you are impatient the page is already up at The Nib or Boing Boing or The Daily Kos.

Going off the tracks.

© Bob Weber, Jr.

Does today’s Slylock Fox look like a different art style?

Or is it the extreme close-up playing games with my mind?