Running Amuck Thru the Monday Funnies – Updated (Twice)

Or should it be running “amok?”

Writing Explained pulls a Garner’s Modern English Usage (GMEU) estimate “that amok is used three times for every use of amuck, which is corroborated by the graph below.” Writing Expalined continued: “amuck was preferred up until the 1940s, but since that time, amok has overtaken it as the standard form.”


The Born Loser brings up the question – “amuck” looked odd to me this morning. Now if Art Sansom had written the word I may have accepted it, but Chip was born after “amok” became the practice.

This is a pantomime strip?

© Mark Tatulli

I’m used to the Lio strip containing script, but not in every panel of the comic.

A Slylock mystery.

© Bob Weber Jr.

Why is the beaver not named?

No, no, no. The mystery is that for the last two weeks of 2022 (December 19 -31) Scott Underwood co-signed the Slylock Fox dailies, but that “scottu” signature has disappeared, so far, on the 2023 dailies. Did Bob Weber, Jr. need some help to catch up on daily deadlines?

Where is Mike Peters?

Mike Peters‘ editorial cartoons have yet to show up at GoComics.

© Dayton Daily News/Mike Peters

Mike has issued two editorial cartoons this year but neither has shown up at GoComics even though they have the Dayton Daily News/Andrews McMeel Syndication slugs.

While Crankshaft got onto GoComics and the Andrews McMeel Syndication list immediately it is now going into the second week without Mother Goose and Grimm or the Peters’ editoons on the list since the syndicate switch at the beginning of 2023. For that matter Mother Goose and Grimm has yet to be added to GoComics newspaper e-editions. (To be fair, Crankshaft doesn’t appear on the AMS newspaper e-edition yet either.)

Edited to add:

Chip Sansom tells us at our Facebook page that if it’s good enough for classic Warner Bros

Which seems more than reasonable to me.

Edited to add cartoonist John Caldwell‘s version of running amuck:

© the estate of John Caldwell

hat tip to Frank LaPosta Visco‘s comment below

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  1. The Born Loser made me think of Groucho Marx.
    Every day, I run a mile. When that’s too long, I run amuck. When that’s too fast I walk amuck.
    Cf. Duck Soup (1932)

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