Alan Gardner is back!

Seven years ago I posted here for what I assumed was the last time. The theme of that post was the many things going on in my life that was shifting my focus away from daily comic news blogging. I’d like to take a moment and re-introduce myself to those who found The Daily Cartoonist after my exit and catch up long-time readers on what I’ve been up to since.

I started The Daily Cartoonist in 2005 as someone who had stepped away from drawing editorial cartoons after my first kids were born and I was trying to figure out how the internet was affecting the comic industry. At some point, I knew I would be returning to drawing comics, but wanted to know if I should focus my efforts on comic strips, editorial cartooning, webcomics, or even graphic novels. This site took off and became a primary source of information for professional cartoonists, syndicates, newspaper editors, and comic fans of all stripes. I ran the site through 2016 before putting it on hiatus.

My primary reason for stepping away from TDC was to concentrate on my kids following my divorce. Six years later, three have graduated from college and are chasing their dreams. The youngest is in his sophomore year at the local community college.

The Gardner family 2020

It’s often asked, what would you do if you didn’t have to work for a living. My answer is very easy – at least has been since 2015. On a visit to Mesa Verde National Park, I discovered the Ancestral Pueblo culture that thrived on the Colorado Plateau until about 1350 CE. Since then, any chance I get, I escape down to Southern Utah looking for and documenting rock art, artifacts, and ruins left by the Puebloans, Freemonts and the earlier Basketmakers.

On my to-do list is launching a new site (and social media accounts) to chronicle my adventures. Watch for the launch of Whiskey and Gear (and @whiskeyandgear on the socials) sometime this spring.

Until then, my free time will be focused on The Daily Cartoonist. I’m looking forward to re-engaging with your, the loyal readers. If you have any issues with the site or questions in general, please reach out to me.

14 thoughts on “Alan Gardner is back!

  1. Hey,alan! I like your return,Welcome back to the Site,Pal,The people’s are welcome on you,Thanks for letting us to say “Welcome to the New Era of The Daily Cartoonist!”
    Mike Zhou

    1. Inline comments was an easier update than I anticipated. There is a way to make emojis show up, but it’s not as intuitive for users. I’ll circle back to that once I have a chance to do more testing.

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