Help Go Fund Cartoonist Ted Richards

Underground cartoonist Ted Richards is in need of a little assistance. 

A major cartoonist in the underground comix arena of the 1970s
Ted Richards needs some help to get him through a rough patch.

From the GoFundMe page:

A year ago I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and have been undergoing a successful immunotherapy treatment for almost a year now. But I am severely stressed financially…

  • I need funds for updating my copyrights and assigning rights to my family.

  • Archive my original comic art.

  • Pay for extra support medications and deliveries of food and living supplies.

  • Help my wife and family

  • Monthly expenses such as utilities and household upkeep.


If you got a few bucks left after Christmas please consider helping Ted.
Below a couple of Ted’s underground comic strips distributed by Rip Off Syndicate.

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