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Celebrating Christmas Comic Strip Style

Brian Cronin at CBR has quite a list on his Comic Strip Advent Calendar showing how characters on the funny pages celebrated Christmas through the years. (Lotsa images, patience required for loading)

Doonesbury Has Been An Active Correspondent on the War on Christmas for 50 Years 
Gasoline Alley Has Literally Been Celebrating Christmases For Over a Hundred Years 
Foxtrot Christmases Are Only For Smart People 
Milton Caniff Had a Special Appreciation for Soldiers at Christmastime  
We Followed the Pattersons Through Decades of Christmases, For Better or For Worse 
Little Orphan Annie Always Embraced Christmas No Matter How Dark Things Got 
Beetle Bailey Dreamed of Home for the Holidays, Even When He Was on an Army Base 
Luann and Her Family Have Really Grown In Their Christmases in the Funny Pages 
Blondie and Dagwood Have Gone Through a Lot of Christmases In Their 79-Year Marriage 
Pogo Created Its Own Classic Christmas Carol That Resonated With Generations 
Curtis Has Become Famous For Celebrating Christmas and Also Kwanzaa 
When It Comes to Christmas, Cathy Believes In Love ‘Ack!’tually 
Christmas Was a Very Special Time in the History of the Dick Tracy Comic Strip 
Christmas is so Wonderful That It Even Makes Garfield Sentimental  
Nancy Has a Long History With Strange Christmases
Hi and Lois Explains How Sometimes the Best Part of a Christmas Present is Unwrapping It 
The Boondocks Revealed the Secret Conspiracy Behind Santa Claus 
Captain Easy Was So Busy Punching Out Bad Guys He Rarely Had Time for Christmas 
Popeye Celebrated Christmas in Cartoons, Toys, Ads…But Rarely Ever In His Comics! 
Opus and the Bloom County Gang Helped Us Get Through The Christmases of the 1980s 
Max Overacts Shows How Voodoo Dolls Make Great Christmas Presents 
Does Santa Claus Know How to Find His Way to Dog Patch to Visit Li’l Abner? 
Calvin and Hobbes Debate Exactly How Santa Claus Defines the Term ‘Good’ 


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ScreenRant enjoys making lists. Here are a few recent ones.
As with all favorite/best of… lists your mileage may (read: will) vary.

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A Lists of One

Why Marcie Calls Peppermint Patty ‘Sir’ in Peanuts?


Otakukart asks the question.

Spoiler: they don’t know the answer.


Did a 1919 Comic Predict Cell Phones? 


A Snopes reader asked us to confirm the comic’s authenticity;
it was truly a creative work from 1919. . .

For those reasons, we rated this claim “True.”