Christmas Week Funnies Without Christmas

Not every comic is about Christmas this week, though Macanudo gifted us with an earworm.

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And that’s all you need.


Do they pronounce it “hiffy?”

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Believe It or Not!

Would the 8% even know what a Hi-Fi is?


I sympathize.

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They changed Candorville‘s zip code.


Mr. Lucky


A Rose is a Rose is a Rose.


More about comic books.

Alvin? Andrew? Alice?

I never did find out the first name of letterer Machine.

If you read Charlton Comics in the 1960s and ’70s you ran across letterer A. Machine.

This arises because a while back there was a major change in Vintage Sunday Juliet Jones.


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As you can see Mr. (or Mrs.) A. Machine landed a job with a syndicated comic strip (replacing Ben Oda?) as the Sunday Juliet Jones went from February 6, 1966 to February 13, 1966 – Comics Kingdom’s Vintage Juliet Jones run them on August 28 and September 4 of this year.

The daily Vintage Juliet Jones runs a bit behind the Sundays; expect to see A. Machine arrive there in a couple months when they get to the January 1966 strips.


More Vintage.

Someone made off with the top two (Monday and Tuesday) strips of King Features’ Krazy Kat proof sheet again, so here’s the December 14 and December 15, 1936 comics:


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