Trump NFT Cards Designer/Artist Clark Mitchell

The artist who designed NFT digital cards with “amazing ART of [Donald Trump’s] Life & Career” is Clark Mitchell.

Above: Representation of Trump’s heartfelt speech welcoming the tired, the poor, the huddled masses. The call for countries to send the wretched refuse, the homeless, and the tempest-tost to him. Only one of many famous moments in 45’s life illustrated on the Trump NFT cards.

Clark Mitchell has been creating commercial art for years “for iconic brands, including Star Wars, Disney, Lucas Arts, Coca-Cola, Time Magazine and ESPN Magazine – to name a few.” Last year he created animated “Officially Licensed NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) of former Major League Baseball players.”

According to Opoyi:

Clark Mitchell is a pop culture and digital artist based in the United States. Alongside working with entertainment brands such as Disney, Hasbro and Coke, he has also worked with sports franchises such as NFL, NBA and MLB. He has been an NFT artist for several celebrities and athletes. 

Among the famous people Mitchell has worked with in the past, there is Rambo star Sylvester Stallone, actor Vivica A. Fox, and rhythm and blues singer Ginuwine. 

Digital artist Clark Mitchell is not to be confused with landscape artist Clark G. Mitchell.



5 thoughts on “Trump NFT Cards Designer/Artist Clark Mitchell

  1. How could a black man in this wretched country, made even more so by every single day of this madman’s so-called presidency, lift a single finger to do anything that benefits him or his family? Clark, you let a whole bunch of people down. There are more important things than money. I hope what you made off this deal, using borrowed artwork btw, was worth your dignity.

  2. Could someone please send a link as to when TFG ever welcomed immigrants into this country? Or am I missing some satire?

  3. It’s sarcasm Ted; though you may be able to find something with Trump welcoming Melania’s parents to America.

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