Meet Macanudo Cartoonist Liniers

Ricardo Siri Liniers was born on November 15th, 1973, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

[T]he comic artist…owes his fame to the series of strips that he has published daily since 2002 in the Argentine newspaper “La Nación”. The project was called “Macanudo” – a word that, in Spanish, means “magnificent”, and “nice”.

In “Macanudo’s” strips, there is no main character, and his varied figures allow him to approach different types of humor. Some of his stories, according to the author himself, don’t make much sense. His drawings work as a kind of personal diary, where he portrays all his thoughts, tastes, and dreams. In addition to Enriqueta, Liniers uses characters such as the cat Fellini, the imaginary monster Olga, the young Martinzito, penguins, elves, and even an olive to convey his vision of the world…

Popular South American cartoonist Liniers has charmed millions of fans in the United States since
King Features began syndicating his Macanudo comic strip to North American newspapers in 2018. 

From Clarissa Palácio and Her Campus comes a history of the comic strip and a profile of Liniers
from a revealing conversation with the cartoonist.

Some Liniers strips are just for fun or entertainment, but we notice a critical and reflective side in some of his stories.  Between jokes and memories, the artist assumes that his personality is not always what we see in his comic strip – which is why not all of them are funny. “I don’t know why comic artists always need to make people laugh,” he says. “If I can tell a story, I’m already happy …”

artwork © Liniers

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