Day By Dave by Dave (New GoComics Comic)

Dave Whamond, of Reality Check and editorial cartooning fame, has developed another comic panel. From Dave’s Twitter feed: Day By Davecelebrates all of the silly and obscure days on the calendar.”

Day By Dave debuts today at GoComics on National Gingerbread House Day.


Go to GoComics and add it to your “Comics I Follow” page.

While there add Crankshaft to your page too,
then you’ll be ready for it’s AMS debut on January 1.

One thought on “Day By Dave by Dave (New GoComics Comic)

  1. I can’t think of the title but didn’t GoComics used to offer a similar obscure-holiday-of-the-day panel?

    This sort of thing is fun, although I can understand it having a relatively short shelf-life. There’s only so many different jokes you can make for the New Jersey Big Sea Day.

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