Wildly Random Weekend Roundup

Award Winning Cartoonists


Kevin Necessary (1st Place) and Rich Williams (2nd Place) win 2022 cartooning awards from The Press Club of Cleveland for Ohio Excellence in Journalism.


Mercer Mayer Media


Publishers Weekly on author-illustrator Mercer Mayer‘s new multimedia deal.

Mercer Mayer, author of 300 books including the long-running Little Critter series, has partnered with digital media developer John Sansevere to form a new company, Twelve/30, LLC. The organization will handle licensing and media extensions, including new publishing, for all of Mayer’s published works.

The Little Critter series, which has sold more than 200 million copies since 1975, when the first title, Just for You, was published, will be the initial focus…


New Cartoon Short of an Old Cartoon Character


Walt Disney Animation Studios has released their first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit animated short in almost 95 years.

The short was created by the hand-drawn animation team to celebrate Disney 100 Years of Wonder, which marks the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” is directed by animator Eric Goldberg and produced by Dorothy McKim.

Walt Disney World News Today has the story and the one minute short.


Same Old Song and Dance

Praise for a Darrin Bell cartoon from a Las Vegas Sun reader.

Kudos to the Sun and syndicated editorial cartoonist Darrin Bell for the Nov. 26 cartoon depicting a robot, the head of which has imprinted on it “Thoughts & Prayers Bot 5000.” Below the head appear the words “Thoughts and Prayers for the Mass Shooting,” with reels embedded in its chest noting dates and places of mass shooting murders, including the recent one in Colorado Springs, Colo…


Book Review

John Lent at The International Journal of Comic Art reviews Brian Doherty‘s new book Dirty Pictures.

Of the many books I have read on the underground press, comics, and cartoonists, Brian Doherty’s Dirty Pictures deserves to be placed next to Patrick Rosenkranz’s Rebel Visions: The Underground Comix Revolution, 1963-1975. In at least one respect, Doherty’s volume shows up Rebel Visions; it extends the history by at least 45 years, this part taking up one-third of the 398 pages of text. Dirty Pictures differs in other areas, whether good or bad. It has no dirty pictures; in fact, it has no pictures at all…


$9.75 Hirschfeld Original Could Go for $50,000 


An Al Hirschfeld original art piece of The King and I was bought for $9.75 (discounted from $12) in 1961. Now heir to the buyer may get $50,000 for it at auction.

MarketWatch has the story.


Steve Bright Takes Political Cartoon of the Year Award


The Sun’s Steve Bright has landed the 2022 Political Cartoon of the Year award.

He scooped the prize for his drawing of the Queen and Prince Philip shortly after her death in September.

Steve, 63, has drawn for The Sun as Brighty since 2011.

The (London) Sun proudly hails their cartoonist’s win.

Awards host Ellwood Atfield lists all the winners on their website.