John Lotshaw – RIP

Cartoonist and comedian John Lotshaw has passed away.

John Paul Lotshaw
November 8, 1966 – November 25, 2022


John’s sister Ana announced the passing of her brother,
loved by her and the entire National Cartoonists Society:

Many of you have heard but others not of the unexpectedly passing of my brother John yesterday as he was spending the Thanksgiving holiday with me in Greenville SC.

John. I love and miss you more than you will ever know. Give Mom and Dad a big hug for me and don’t worry I will love and take good care of your Jessie. Love ya-Ana


Bill Holbrook noted the passing of his friend:

On Friday the cartooning profession lost one of its most important members, and I lost a friend.

John Lotshaw, the creator of “Accidental Centaurs.” left us yesterday. He was just about to start a new job in Dallas that would have melded both his creative talents and his awesome technical skills. That is an incredibly rare combination, and everyone in the National Cartoonists Society was indebted to him, especially during the Reubens weekends when he oversaw many of the technical aspects. He is literally irreplaceable.

Just seven days ago about thirty of us here in Atlanta had a going-away party for him in anticipation of his move to Dallas. He was in excellent spirits, and we gave him testimonials of how much he meant to us. His future looked incredibly bright, and now we are devastated. The only consolation is that we were able to tell him in person the impact he has had on each of us.

Paul Peterson has a photo gallery of the roast Bill mentioned above.



John was the creator of Accidental Centaurs.
In association with Guy Gilchrist and Nancy Comics he put together
the Random Acts of Nancy feature for GoComics.
He was basically the IT guy for the NCS.



In 2015 John, in writing about Random Acts of Nancy, gave us a bit of biography:

I still can’t believe that I’m a cartoonist. Even though I began drawing and making comic strips at a very early age, I resisted at every turn the impulse that drove me, slowly and inexorably toward cartooning.

Of course, everyone who’s known me for any length of time will wonder what took me so long.

In 2013 wrote about developing a comic strip.

This is the third of a series of posts by NCS member John Lotshaw, detailing the development of a new comic strip, from start to finish. In this series, John will guide us through the creation of “Ray Blaster in Blazin’ Phazers”, giving insight into the creative and business processes involved.



Memories of and love for John have been posted to Facebook.



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  1. Somewhat devastated to hear of John’s passing. John was so much a part of the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society (and everyone who was involved therein) that it’s hard to believe we won’t be hearing him crack another joke at our next gathering.

    Going to miss you buddy.


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