Allie & Beckom On GoComics Under Eric & Mike?

Three months ago we reported that Eric Allie and Mike Beckom had joined the Counterpoint Syndicate. Since that time I would occasionally scroll down the GoComics A to Z lineup before clicking to go to “My Comics” planning on adding Eric and Mike to the “Comics I Follow” when I saw their names.

GoComics sorts their editorial cartoonists alphabetically by last names. So I would scroll to the A’s and see Alcaraz and Anderson and Ariall, but no Allie. The same with the B’s. There’s Bennett, Benson, the other Benson, et. al., but no Beckom.

Recently I discovered that these new adds are listed alphabetically on the roster by their first names, and they have both been there since September 1st 2022!



So for those like me who didn’t realize they were available Eric Allie
and Mike Beckom can be added to your GoComics You Follow.