Comics’ Salute to Schulz – A Paean to Peanuts

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Charles M. Schulz birthday saw over 100 comic strips and panels pay tribute to the master cartoonist and creator of Peanuts.

The Schulz Museum’s “A Cartoonist Tribute” page linked to 92 of them.

Notable is Lynn Johnston coming out of retirement reworking a special For Better or For Worse
and Mary Worth reading the January 13, 1991 Sunday Peanuts strip.

But they missed a few syndicated tributes.

Surprisingly JumpStart, whose creator Robb Armstrong was involved with Mutts‘ Patrick McDonnell in putting the event together was left off the list. A couple other Andrews McMeel strips not included were Dark Side of the Horse and Doonesbury. Garry Trudeau made sure a Peanuts related strip was rerun today.

Rubes, from Creators Syndicate, was the only one from them not linked.

But completely overlooked was the Tribune Content Agency stable. Apparently no one notified The Schulz Museum about their strips. Animal Crackers, Bliss, Broom-Hilda, Gil Thorp, Pluggers, and Dick Tracy whose creators went full Schulz style.


And let’s make note that Arctic Circle, Big Nate, and Mt. Pleasant ran story arcs leading up to today, and Adam @ Home had a couple days building up (heh heh) to today (thanks Chris).

While Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Dave Granlund jumped the gun on the celebration.

A number of webcomics joined in the celebration.

From KFS is Rae the Doe and from Charles Brubaker is Lauren Ipsum.

The web comics honoring the day and the man from GoComics include Back in the Day, Birdbrains(?), Bob the Squirrel, Break of Day, Cathy Commisserations with Cathy Guisewite drawing a new one for Sparky, Eek, Frog Applause, Home Free, Mythtickle, Next Door Neighbors, Rabbits Against Magic, Rosebuds, Ten Cats, Tex, Working Daze, and 1 and Done.

I’m sure I’ve missed more than a few also.

Late add: Lum and Abner.
Late add: Jumble
Late add: Studio Jantze
Late add: Warped

17 thoughts on “Comics’ Salute to Schulz – A Paean to Peanuts

  1. Some are more creative than others. Dick Tracy was well done and Rae the Doe made me laugh out loud. Kudos to Arctic Circle for not only doing a week’s worth but doing the whole week well.

    And a special shout out to Frank Pauer. As a paid-up member of The League of World War I Aviation Historians (yes, we’re real, check out our journal, “Over the Front”) Pauer gets a big salute.

  2. Kind of surprised that Google doesn’t have a doodle celebrating the day. Maybe there’s a “one time” rule?

  3. These are all great !

    Just as interesting are the ones who skipped it – like Frazz. Would Caulfield be so prominent if not for Franklin ?

  4. The For Better Or For Worse strip originally ran on February 14, 2000 (the day after the last original Peanuts ran and two days after Schulz’s death).

  5. It was pointed out that today’s Nancy may also be a covert Peanuts tribute, as Nancy is holding up Lucy’s dress

  6. I notice that Family Circus has itself on the newspaper drawn for the Schultz tribute. Weird.

  7. The Family Circus Schulz tribute strip was originally from Feb. 3, 1998.

    Too bad Ed Power and Melissa Dejesus didn’t do anything for Schulz’s 100 in their Patreon webcomic My Cage, or did they?

  8. There were a bunch on FB too.

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