Kinda OT: Twitter and Good Ol’ Elon Musk

Unlike partner Mike Peterson and apparently the majority of people on Planet Earth I have never signed up for a Twitter account.

(I thought I had and even have a password listed in my Book of Getting onto the Interwebs, but am not allowed into that world wide public square.)

So as an outsider I have to hand it to Elon for setting Twitter free.

© CylinderOfMeat

You see, for those of us not in the club we were allowed to see the top four, maybe five, “tweets” before the page devolved into a to-see-more-join-Twitter demand.

For example if I didn’t catch Hogan’s Alley in the morning I would miss what comics anniversary we were celebrating that day because it would be five or six tweets down the page. Too far down for us unwashed to see.

Or miss breaking news stories such as Ann Telnaes’ recent tweet

where we learned that The Cartoonist Group is no more.


Then there’s The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists who link to tweets of cartoonists,
but may have missed some due to that “four messages and out” rule for the non-tweeters.

Not forgetting messages from GoComics and Comics Kingdom,
which have been interesting of late to say the least.


If Barnacle Press gets rambunctious and post several comics in one day I risk missing some classics.


But now us infidels can read weeks (years?) of tweets without joining because Good Ol’ Elon Musk has set his Twitter free!

© Gilbert Shelton

For how long remains to be seen.


5 thoughts on “Kinda OT: Twitter and Good Ol’ Elon Musk

  1. A good ad blocker extension on your browser could have given you that capability before Elon’s magnanimous generosity.

  2. Oh, a fun one to look at is Classic Comics — — which runs a couple of vintage comics, from the early 20th century through to the 1980s, every day. Finally somewhere I can point people to if they want to see what Pogo looked like!

    Also some obscurities, like The Outbursts of Everett True, or famous-but-hard-to-find strips like Our Boarding House or Mutt and Jeff.

  3. Twitter ‘rejected’ me ’cause I refused to give a phone number. Doesn’t look as tho I’ve missed much of importance. I’m just awaiting the Final Implosion.

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