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Mud and Mirth: Marine Cartoonists in World War I

From The Minot Daily News:

Minot native Cord Scott’s latest book is titled “The Mud and the Mirth: Marine Cartoonists in World War I.”

Scott, a professor with the University of Maryland Global Campus based in Okinawa, Japan, said the book “discusses the use of cartoons drawn by Marines in the early part of the 1900s to show how they saw subjects such as combat, living conditions, etc.”


As The Minot Daily News reports, more than just “culminating” with A. A. Wallgren’s World War I Stars and Stripes cartoons, it “features the entire run of Abian ‘Wally’ Wallgren’s cartoons in Stars and Stripes, which appeared on page 7 of the weekly paper” from February 18, 1918 to June 13, 1919.


While Wallgren became the most famous of the American WWI soldier cartoonists …

The Mud and the Mirth takes a deeper look at comic illustrations from the earliest publications for the Marine Corps–the Recruiters Bulletin, the Marines Magazine, and the Marines Bulletin–prior to World War I.

This book is a great addition to comics history and best of all – it’s free!
The book can be downloaded in a Portable Document Format
from The Marine Corps University Press or from Project Muse.

Scott currently is working on a project concerning
African American cartoonists of World War II.

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#1 Mike Rhode
@ 9:54 am

Coincidentally, the International Journal of Comic Art ran a review of the book this morning –

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