Heller Interview with Award Winning Ward Sutton

Political or editorial cartoons were once the primary source for visual political satire, humor and commentary. There are fewer outlets for the traditional form … but life still breathes in many venues—like The Boston Globe, where award winner Ward Sutton publishes biting cartoons on a regular basis. On this day after the election deluge, he has a lot to make funny. Sutton has also just received the Berryman Cartoonist Award for 2022—and here, he takes a victory lap.

At The Daily Heller Steven interviews cartoonist Ward Sutton about all editooning things.

Has your sense of political humor changed since the 2016 election?
I think it’s gotten tighter, sharper, better. The Obama era was not as easy as a satirist, although I’d gladly go back to that time in a heartbeat. The Tea Party was infuriating, but the level of discourse in the country post-Trump is so discouraging.

The world has gotten so crazy that when news breaks, people often have to qualify that a certain headline is NOT from The Onion. It’s like that for cartoonists, too: Reality has gone beyond parody.