Chelsea Carr Curses GoComics

Appropriately GoComics introduces Curses! by Chelsea Carr on Halloween.

From the GoComics blog:

The comic strip follows Wilma, a witch who hasn’t quite mastered her magic yet, which gets her into some trouble. She and her family move to a cottage in the middle of the woods so she can have plenty of space to get a handle on her craft, and she meets some magical friends along the way.

We sat down with Curses! creator Chelsea Carr to celebrate the launch of the strip, which will update three times a week.

Can you tell me a little bit about the main characters?

Wilma is the main character. She looks about 10 years old but according to her license, she’s 600. She lives with her parents and her younger brother Edwin, who she’s turned into a frog for annoying her. Her family has recently moved to a somewhat isolated cottage in the woods because in their old neighborhood, Wilma lost her temper and turned all of the children into mice. But the biggest problem is that Wilma isn’t the best at magic, so when she loses her temper, she can’t necessarily undo what she’s done.


Chelsea tells a bit about herself:

I’m a cartoonist, which is a really fun job! Some publications I’ve made cartoons for include The New Yorker, MAD Magazine, and Disney. Before I became a cartoonist, I was an elementary school art teacher! I still love teaching and working with kids, so if you’re a kid who’d like to learn more about making comics, why not sign up for one of my classes? If you’re in Maryland, you can check out my in-person painting classes here.

I do a lot of comics about being a mom. In fact, I have an online comic called Mom Comic. Check it out!


Disclosure: That Old Black Magic has woven The Daily Cartoonist and GoComics as step-siblings.