A Gathering of Gallimaufry

A Hard-Copy of the Morning Newspaper is Vital

Art Marmorstein needs four things in the morning:

… a warm shower, a bowl of cereal, a cup of coffee and a hard-copy morning newspaper.

If my kids have used up all the hot water, a lukewarm or even a cold shower will do the trick. If we’re out of cereal, I can make do with a frozen waffle. A microwaved cup of last night’s decaf will hold me over until the real stuff is brewed. But I just can’t find an acceptable substitute for the morning paper.

© Scott Adams

I can try taking my coffee over to the computer, but computer news just isn’t the same. For one thing, it’s not in the right shape — or, rather, it isn’t any shape at all. It’s just endless information.

I gotta agree with Art.


The Dark Underbelly of Cartooning

The New Yorker presents a three page excerpt from Steve Martin and Harry Bliss‘ new book.

© Steve Martin & Harry Bliss

Number One is Walking is released November 15, 2022.


Does Not Exist in Our Archive

Apparently someone cut the top two Krazy Kat strips from King Features’ proof sheet.
Naught to wurry, Dahlinks:

© King Features Syndicate


New on GoComics: Legends in the Heights

Shena Wolf and Marguerite Dabaie bring Legends in the Heights to GoComics.

© Marguerite Dabaie

From the GoComics Blog introduction:

Legends in the Heights follows Raia Barakat Quintanilla, an eccentric, skateboard-loving 12-year-old who lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with her family. One day, when Raia is walking home from school, she unexpectedly encounters a majestic legendary creature named Bazzu. Where will this unlikely friendship lead? Can Raia teach Bazzu her fab skateboarding skills? Where in the world has a giant creature like Bazzu been hiding in Jackson Heights?


The 2022 Ringo Awards


The Ringo Awards were announced last night.
We’ll take note of the webcomic categories via Smash Pages.

Best Webcomic

© Rachel Smythe


Best Humor Webcomic

© Sarah Anderson


Ty’s Terrifying Tale

© Ty Templeton

Good News from Ty Templeton:

Has it only been another year and a half? Time flies when you’re desperately ill.

Obviously, there’s plenty more to say about this subject, but for right now, I’m focused on getting back to work again, after a year and a half…

… It’s good to be back to healthy, and I mean it when I say GET TESTED and STAY ALIVE. I darn well nearly didn’t.


The World’s Largest Collection Of Cartoons And Comics

© The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

In Columbus, Ohio, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is the world’s largest collection of cartoon and comic art, drawing pop culture enthusiasts from across the globe.

Only In Your State gives us a tour of The Billy Ireland.


Immobilizing Animators

Recently, Warner Brothers Discovery laid off 125 workers as they restructured Cartoon Network Studios. Workers on shows like Craig of the Creek had their episode orders cut in half, and many lost their jobs outright. This is just the latest in a string of lay offs and cancellations in the animation industry that leave workers wondering about their future in the industry.

© Warner Bros.

IGN MIddle East takes a look at suspended animation.

…There’s no need to panic that Cartoon Network is gone and that animation in America is dead, but workers in animation are concerned by these industry moves. To them, they underline a general lack of respect for workers in animation, and growing concerns that streaming services aren’t a sustainable business model for the entertainment industry.

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  1. Marmorstein’s thesis is appealing. When we stay in Italy, the whole routine is a pleasure: stopping at the edicola for a couple of newspapers, real newspapers, then on to the bar for coffee and some sort of pastry. The question is, why isn’t it the same sort of pleasure here, going to the coffee shop in the morning with my iPad? And it may be that the very absence of limits, the “endless information,” somehow screws it up. That’s one explanation that never occurred to me.

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