Friday Funnies Footnotes

Thursday’s Judge Parker made me nostalgic.


Nostalgic for those Dagwood commute drives when Denis Lebrun was the Blondie artist. Lebrun would occasionally use the middle panel to show the car doing a “Bullit jump” while going over a hill.



Wednesday’s Warped by Michael Cavna gives me an excuse (like I really needed one) …

© Michael Cavna

to showcase this NPR article about Charles Addams (ha! thought it was Gorey didn’t you).

[Kevin Miserocchi, Director of the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation] points out that as a cartoonist Addams’ goal was never to create fear, but to defuse it, infusing the horror with a playfulness that appealed even to those who prefer daylight to the witching hour. “The suggestion of blood, the suggestion of gore, the suggestion of torture is always there but his cartoons never showed it.” Subtly, but powerfully subversive, The Addams Family left readers wondering if maybe these weirdos weren’t so weird after all … and we were weirder.

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On October 26 Over the Hedge and Pearls Before Swine sought knowledge from reliable sources.


Preteen Cartoonist

© Lily Wojtkowski

The Sarasota Observer highlights local cartoonist Lily Wojtkowski, all of twelve years old!

“I fell in love with the concept of making comics,” she said. “You’re able to draw a story without writing every little detail about it. It’s more interesting because you could look at the pictures if you’re not into reading a chapter book. They can be funny, they can be adventurous.”

Lily Wojtkowski said drawing Pretzel was difficult because she wanted to make sure her character actually looked and acted like her pet.

Although she’s not sure exactly what she would like to do as a career, she knows she wants to work with animals and continue to draw, possibly combining the two and drawing the animals she would be working with at her job.


Love it

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I love last Saturday’s Macanudo.
We’ll probably see it again for a Hey Kids! Comics! header.


Last Monday’s vintage Johnny Hazard

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reminded me of lying on the living room floor on December 5, 1897
and reading the last Hogan’s Alley Sunday comic:




The 2022 World Series begins today.
From October 1960 – the World vs. Series Pogo by Walt Kelly.



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  1. Thank you for the link to the Addams article. While he didn’t inspire me to become a cartoonist, the books of his that I read at an early age may have something to do with my collection of 1200+ cartoon books.

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