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Patrick McDonnell passes on a little inside stuff:

MUTTS might look a little different to you this week and in the future. If so, it’s because I’ve loosened up my art style, using very little preliminary pencils (in some cases none) and going straight to drawing in ink. It gives the strip more of the power and intimacy of a preliminary sketch, which I love. I’m also freehand lettering the dialogue


Everyone is a Gag Writer

Wow! We received 759 entries in this week’s Cartoon Caption Contest! This one could have gone in so many different directions… and it certainly did! Check out the winner and finalists below. Funny stuff, everyone. Nice job.

Walt Handelsman and The Times-Picayune/Advocate got a bunch of possible gag lines for their latest Cartoon Caption Contest.

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Read the entries of dozens of finalist gag writers.


Maybe one of those could be applied to today’s Bottom Liners.

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GoComics and Tribune Content Agency itself had the caption drop from the panel.

The Oregonian with their Comics Kingdom page has the caption.


Though the funny pages are usually a distraction from the everyday frustrations of life, Scott Adams’ satirical comic strip Dilbert makes the mundane work of the office the source of endless humor. With its relatable jokes and archetypal characters, nearly every person who has stepped foot in an office can get a chuckle from the denizens of Path-E-Tech.

© Scott Adams

Screen Rant presents the 10 funniest Dilbert comics. The strips range from 1993 to 2018. YMMV.


While the best or funniest of anything is highly subjective, I think we can all agree the making fun of book banners/burners is for the greater good.

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Vic Lee gets a fist bump for a recent Pardon My Planet.


The 70th Anniversary Issue of MAD Magazine is now on sale and I’m hoping to get a copy when I visit Barnes and Noble this coming Friday. In the meantime Peter Kuper gives a view of his final (“My very last Spy vs Spy – ending a 27 year run)“) Spy vs. Spy looking like a Crazy Quilt of a double -pager.

© EC Comics/Peter Kuper


Lee Enterprise papers continue to boost their online comics site.

When we rolled out our new lineup of comics, astute readers might have picked up that it comes from one syndicator, Andrews McMeel Universal. It represents nearly 500 comic strips, only a small fraction we’re able to include in print.

Now you, the Democrat-Herald subscriber and the Gazette-Times subscriber, have free access to all 496 comics, including such Mid-Valley Media darlings as “B.C.,” “Breaking Cat News,” “Dilbert,” “Phebe & Her Unicorn,” “Red & Rover,” “Rubes” and “The Wizard of Id.”

But wait (channeling my best imitation of a Ronco compilation album commercial voiceover from the ’70s), there’s more!

McMeel also offers a whole host of games and puzzles, including crosswords, word searches and sudoku.

Here’s the editor of a couple Lee papers in Oregon doing her part.


A prolific and imaginative author, Liniers had made an appearance that was very welcome: his intention was clear from the start, he did not want people to be angered by daily news, he wanted them to laugh and escape to a different reality, an elsewhere, (where everything could be possible) and to be able to do so with optimism and a very Argentinian word: ternura, tenderness, the good feelings associated with a dulce de leche cookie known as alfajor.

© Liniers

GeekDad reviews Liniers‘ new Macanudo book.


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I studied zoology at university, because when you ask a seventeen-year-old child what the adult version of himself will want to do until he’s become the dead version of himself, he always makes a perfect decision.

Another book.

Literary Hub excerpts Will McPhail’s Love and Vermin.


The Sergio Aragonés International Award for Excellence in Comic Art was established in 2017 by The National Cartoonists Society, the world’s largest and most prestigious organisation of professional cartoonists, in partnership with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, and is presented annually to an exceptional comic artist, animator, or cartoonist.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival has announced cartoonist Posy Simmonds as the winner of the Sergio Aragonés International Award for Excellence in Comic Art for 2022.

Down the Tubes carries the story.