Larry Terrill – RIP

Editorial cartoonist Larry Terrill has passed away.

Lawrence Mervin (Larry) Terrill
October 1, 1935 – October 8, 2022


From the obituary:

A talented artist throughout his life, Larry started drawing at the age of 5 or 6, when “he would wait for the newspaper to be delivered” and then spend his time copying the comics. Larry’s art was in demand throughout school, where he would draw posters and caricatures of classmate’s and was tapped to do the illustrations in his senior yearbook. He enjoyed a long career as a visual merchandiser, beginning with Arbaugh’s in Lansing, Michigan and continuing with a 28-year career with Jacobson’s Inc. as their visual merchandising director in Kalamazoo and Dearborn, and then as Corporate Display Director and eventually the Assistant Director of Store Planning in their main office in Jackson until his retirement.

Always enjoying travel and family life, they spent time in Somerset, Pennsylvania where he did editorial cartoons for the local paper.

Larry cartooned on local subjects for The Somerset (Pa.) Daily American from 2002 to ca. 2007.




A profile from 2002:



4 thoughts on “Larry Terrill – RIP

  1. Somewhat off topic, but at the AAEC convention, Ann Ganz asked a couple of us whether we had heard from editorial cartoonist Ann Cleaves lately. Joel Pett found an obituary for her in the Daily Breeze last month; the family information matched Ann G.’s recollection of Ann C.’s family, but it made no mention of Ann C. ever being a cartoonist. Nor am I finding a follow-up article in the Breeze on the “Local Cartoonist Passes” vein.

    Ann Whitney Cleaves (not to be confused with a similarly named British author) drew cartoons for the Palisadian Post, and her bio is still up on the AAEC website for the time being.

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