The Tarot of Dunn (Breaking Cat News)

Fans of Breaking Cat News, The Tarot, and playing cards are being treated to an enchanting series created by Georgia Dunn and being shared on her Facebook page and on her Twitter feed.

Says Georgia:

For a while now I’ve wanted to create some BCN Tarot card themed art, just for fun! Recently I started sketching and painting the major arcana cards (the first 22 cards of the tarot) as BCN characters. From today until the end of October, I will try my best to share one new card a day! Also, I’m a big tarot nerd, so, yes, absolutely, of course, I will be sharing them IN ORDER.

© Georgia Dunn

Our first card drawn is “The Fool”! While the title of this card can sound a little insulting at first, I promise this is a beautiful card to feature Tommy. This card is all about new chances, taking risks, opportunities, and greeting the world with open arms. The fool is optimistic, innocent, and eager to experience all there is out there! He has no fear of failure and is ready to take a leap of faith, confident the world is at his side. Everyone is a friend, every new day is a chance for something good to begin! The wooly bear at his side cautions him to slow down, but Tommy trots on happily, ready for whatever comes his way!

The BCN tarot card we draw today is “The Magician”! This card is all about manifesting your creative energies into reality! The Magician has an item from each suit—a sword, a wand, a coin, and a “cup” (in our case, food bowl)—at their side. This shows they have all they need to create whatever they desire from the everyday world around them. It’s a powerful card, reminding you that you are full of untapped potential and have the ability to make all you can envision a reality!

Check ’em out all this month at Georgia’s Facebook page.

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