Cartoonists Assemble!

David G. Brown posted a photo gallery of the recent AAEC Convention.


This morning the CXC Newsletter came with awards information and photos.


Trina Robbins and Lee Marrs won the Transformative Work Award for their work as part of the Wimmen’s Comix collective from the 1970s to the 1990s, and for their careers across media. Presented by CM Campbell.

Keith Knight, the cartoonist behind the K Chronicles and (th)ink and the television series Woke, won the Master Cartoonist Award. Presented by Jeff Smith.


CXC’s organizers presented the Tom Spurgeon Award to Frederik L. Schodt, the writer, translator and manga scholar. With Caitlin McGurk and Rebecca Perry Damsen.

Victoria Douglas won the Emerging Talent Award for their work creating Cinnamon, the story of a house cat having extraordinary adventures. Douglas also runs Halftone Hospital, a free repository of tools for comics production. Presented by Vijaya Iyer and Jeff Smith.

A list of previous CXC award winners can be found on the festival’s website.