Cartoon Carnival

What’s a carnival without a side show? Presenting Keith Knight, the Two-Headed Man!



Midway Games. Can you pass up the quiz booth? (It’s an easy test.)


The Amazing Vertical and Horizontal Newspaper Panel – another double feature!

A 2008 sample how Wiley, the concept’s originator, draws the daily Non Sequitur panel.


Wayno apparently goes another way with this 2022 Bizarro sample.


The Incredible Shrinking Newspaper People


Gannett will be requiring employees to take one week of unpaid leave in December and is seeking volunteers for buyouts, CEO Mike Reed announced in a staff-wide email Wednesday.

The company also has paused overall hiring and will temporarily suspend matching contributions to employee 401(k) accounts starting Oct. 24.

Gannett also will be allowing employees to voluntarily reduce their work hours or request an unpaid sabbatical. 

Poynter carries the details and background.


The Bewildering Disappearing Act 


An apology from The Beaumont (Tx) Enterprise:

Please accept our most sincere apology for the comics missing from Tuesday’s newspaper.

There is simply no excuse for missing a whole section of the paper, and we acknowledge that.


The Mystery Tent. Whatever Happened to Mike Bannon?

The typical About Comics publication is put out because About Comics publisher Nat Gertler thinks it’s good stuff… but their latest book has an additional reason as well. The reprint of a comic book series drawn by Mike Bannon is being published not just because he thinks it’s funny stuff, but because both the publisher and the writer would like to find Bannon, who dropped out of contact with his comics pals well over a decade ago. Attempts to reach out to him through old contacts and old addresses have gone without any response. And so the hope is that this book will somehow catch Mike’s attention, and he’ll realize that people want to hear from him.

Gamers Grade ushers us into the unexplained.


Freak Show. Strange Creatures from the Unknown!

Stephen Nadler attempts to discover the origins of a previously unknown Charles Addams drawing.


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