Comic Strips Celebrate National Comic Book Day

Nobody seems to know how it started, when it started, why it started, who started it,
or what the reason for the September 25 date is – but today is National Comic Book Day.


Prickly City informs us of the holiday.

© Scott Stantis; DC Comics


Sally Forth also has a superhero theme.

© King Features Syndicate; DC Comics

(Cartoonist Jim Keefe disputes my comic book cover as inspiration.)


Rose is Rose went with a different genre.

© UFS Inc; EC Comics


Barney & Clyde noted when hysteria and self-censorship came to comic books.

© Weingartens & Clark w/ LaBadie; Wertham Estate


Zippy, naturally, goes underground.

Griffy even manages to draw a few comix book covers/titles into the strip.

© Bill Griffith; Rory Hayes; Robert Crumb; Robert Crumb


The Flying McCoys offers thoughts on popularity.

© Glenn and Gary McCoy; Dc and Marvel Comics

Which offers me the opportunity to close with a Kinks song.


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© Archie Comics