The Sunday (and Surrounding) Funnies

Minit Mysteries returns for another whodunnit, as does former Dick Tracy artist Joe Staton. This comic strip version of Clue is scripted by Crimestoppers Textbook writer Walter Reimer, but under his alias “Walt Reimer.”

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Karen Moy and June Brigman use Sunday’s Mary Worth to wrap up the past few months in a fine manner before moving on to the next story.


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On Saturday Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy used all of three panels to “kill” The Phantom in 1955 in stark contrast to the three months it took Tony DePaul and Mike Manley (and Brett Blevins and Scott Cohn) to “kill” The Phantom in 2022.

During our recording of our 200th podcast with our patreons and newspaper creators Tony DePaul, Mike Manley and Jeff Weigel, Tony was asked about the 21st Phantoms death.

Not only did he answer but he talked about the current daily newspaper story “To Wrack and Ruin at Gravelines” and how it will show the DEATH OF THE 21ST PHANTOM.

Because it was such an amazing 15 minute chat we decided to cut it out of the 200th podcast and present it together in a separate stand alone mini podcast. We hope you enjoy it!

Did you pick up on the fork in the narrative?

The Chronicle Chamber interviews Tony DePaul about The Death of The Phantom.


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Did Jimmy Johnson plan on today’s Arlo and Janis to coincide with The Funeral?


Saturday Synchronicity.

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Tim Rickard’s Brewster Rockit directly follows Dan Tompson’s Brevity on my GoComics feed.


Synchronicity too.

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Whereas The Sunday Phantom and the Sunday Tarzan are separated by syndicates and a day (the Sunday Tarzan appears on Mondays these days) or a couple decades if we go by the original date of publication for Tarzan.


Synchronicity: The Trilogy.

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Sunday’s Mark Trail by Jules Rivera and Monday’s Overboard by Chip Dunham.

Do we now have a hint as to which of the seven seas the Revenge plies?


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Marciuliano and Manley tip their hats in Sunday’s Judge Parker to a couple of comic artists
(John Heebink, Scott Cohn) who helped out on the strip during some hard times.


While Hector D. Cantú and Carlos Castellanos use the Sunday Baldo to present a wonderful tribute to a great American institution.

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