Jerry Holbert – RIP

Editorial cartoonist Jerry Holbert has passed away.

Jerry W. Holbert
November 9, 1958 – August 2, 2022


From the obituary:

Jerry was a talented artist who got his start working for Disney as an animator before beginning his career of 32 years as the political cartoonist for The Boston Herald. He was the recipient of the National Cartoonist Society’s Editorial Cartoon Award in the year 2000.

The cause of death wasn’t disclosed but Jerry had been suffering from
a rare and incurable form of dementia for the past few years.


As mentioned above Jerry spent a little time in Disney animation from 1983 to 1984.

He then began a long career as editorial cartoonist for the
conservative Boston Herald from July 1986 to March 2018.

John R. Carroll is a media analyst who keeps an eye on the Boston newspapers.

Boston is blessed not only with two daily newspapers, but with two very talented editorial cartoonists: Dan Wasserman at the Boston Globe, and Jerry Holbert at the Boston Herald.

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Rest in peace Jerry.