2021 NCS Divisional Award Winners

On September 16, 2022 the National Cartoonists Society announced the winners of their
Divisional Awards for work produced in 2021 at the 76th Annual Reuben Awards Banquet.

Winners in bold.

Nominees for Comic Book:
Trish Forstner; Gideon Kendall; David Peterson 


Nominees for Gag Cartoons:
Emily Flake; Amy Hwang; Christopher Weyant


Nominees for Greeting Card:
Scott Jensen; Scott Metzger; Scott Nickel


Nominees for Graphic Novel:
Juan Cavia; Ted Naifeh; Eric Powell


Nominees for Editorial Cartoons:
Ruben Bolling; Marco DeAngelis; Michael Ramirez

Nominees for Book Illustration:
Keith Bendis; Stacy Curtis; Rebecca Morgan

Nominees for Newspaper Comic Strips:
Hector Cantu; John Hambrock; Mark Tatulli

Nominees for Newspaper Panels:
Dave Blazek; Dave Coverly; Hilary Price


Nominees for Variety Entertainment:
Chuck Dillon; Bill Morrison; Johnny Sampson

Nominees for Art for Animated Media:
Chris & Shane Houghton; Lindsey Olivares; Meg Park

Nominees for Online Comics-Long Form:
Emily Flake; Meredith Moriarty; Dan Piraro

Nominees for Online Comics-Short Form:
Jonathan Lemon; Scott Nickel; Rich Powell


Nominees for Advertising/Product Illustration:
Ivan Ehlers; Pashur House; Johnny Sampson


Nominees for Magazine/Newspaper Illustration:
Nick Galifianakis; Nancy Ohanian; Tom Richmond