Pen Pal Patti (Johnny Hart Newsletter Returns)

The John Hart Studio produces three comic strips: B.C., Wizard of Id, and Dogs of C-Kennel, plus they are in charge of re-presenting the oldies of Back to B.C. and Wizard of Id Classics, so you can see they are a busy bunch.

But they have found time to issue a new newsletter after a two year absence.

I think I’m gonna blame Covid for our lengthy absence.
Because… well… why not?
All of us here at John Hart Studios survived the virus,
except for the lingering scars sustained by the loss
of a family member and several friends.
Our greatest hope is that this newsletter finds you unscarred.

Along with keeping us up on John Hart Studio news, Patti Hart offers us a few views.
Below are brothers Johnny and Jimmy Hart and brothers Mick and Mason Mastroianni.

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