Kat, Mouse, & The Brick of Love (The Way it Began)

Everyone is familiar with Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse and The Brick.

It began with the introduction of the pair in the July 26, 1910 issue of The Dingbat Family where George Herriman felt the need to fill in the bottom of the comic strip so the space did not go to waste.

But what caused the mouse to “bean” the kat?

George Herriman revealed the ancient origins of that in an April 20, 1919 episode:

As Lorna Owen tells us, in Reverse Oh Reel Of Time, Reverse

Herriman takes us back to ancient Egypt, 1919 B.C., a time when cats were sacred: Kleopatra Kat tells her small daughter Krazy to remember her exalted position, to beware of lowly mice who will want to catch her off guard.


A Tip of the Herriman Hat to
Oscar Grillo for the breakdown
and Rob Stolzer for the heads up.