World-Famous Astronaut Returns to Space


Snoopy [is] scheduled to lift-off during a two-hour window that opens at 8:33 a.m. EDT on Monday, August 29. If all goes to plan they’ll flyby the Moon and eventually return to Earth in the Orion spacecraft 42 days later.

This won’t be Snoopy’s first trip to space, having orbited Earth in a Space Shuttle in 1990. Snoopy will go to space this time as a visual indicator when a spacecraft has reached the weightlessness of microgravity. Interior cameras will capture the moment when Snoopy floats.

Snoopy’s association with NASA goes way back. During Apollo 10—the dress rehearsal for Apollo 11 that did everything but land on the lunar surface—the lunar module was named “Snoopy” and the command module “Charlie Brown” after Snoopy’s companion.

Jamie Carter and Forbes reports on Snoopy’s latest flight to space.


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To celebrate Snoopy’s latest spaceflight and continue the character’s nearly 55-year-old role as a safety mascot and symbol for mission success, NASA’s Space Flight Awareness (SFA) program has a created a new motivational poster based on a design that was first used almost 30 years ago.

The 2022 poster depicts a similar Snoopy, only now he is facing left and has a big smile. “The Beagle Has Landed” and “Around the Moon and Home Again” is reproduced from the old poster, but now is in reference to the circumlunar Artemis I mission.

“The new version, conceived by the Exploration Systems Development mission directorate in partnership with the SFA program, was created in collaboration with Peanuts Worldwide, LLC,” Bristow wrote. “Peanuts found the original artwork and agreed to modify it for NASA’s new usage.”

GoComics takes us back to 1969 when Snoopy first walked on the moon.

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