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This week on Cracked we’ll be talking all things Calvin and Hobbes


A Short History Of ‘Calvin and Hobbes,’ The Last Great Newspaper Comic

Well, none other than the authoritative voice of Slate calls Calvin and Hobbes “the last great newspaper comic,” which is both true and silly. The article even points out Frazz, The Boondocks, and Doonesbury, all of which are great comics that came after or (in the case of Doonesbury) outlasted C&H. But thanks to the newspaper industry dying and an expansion of how people get comics, the monocultural impact a daily strip can have is smaller than the heyday of Peanuts and Garfield. C&H was the last standout strip before the internet gave us things like xkcd or Cyanide and Happiness.

Monday’s installment looks at the background of C&H and comic strips.


Whatever Happened To Bill Watterson from Calvin and Hobbes?

Picture a mid-20s Bill Watterson, happily married and surrounded by cats. His life’s work is beloved by millions of people, there’s a promise of millions of money in his bank account. That’s a perfect life, right? Bliss, found before you turn 30.

So why did Bill Watterson quit at age 37, leaving readers and bosses alike pining for just one more sled ride through the snow-drenched pine trees? Lots of people have investigated this question. Here’s some of what they found…

Tuesday’s installment looks at the elusive, reclusive cartoonist.


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