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Preliminary 2022 AAEC Convention Schedule

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists has released
an early look at the line-up of their 2022 AAEC Convention.

The AAEC has been working closely with CXC on this fall’s gathering in Ohio, and we now have a preliminary schedule for our convention.

A few highlights:

Thursday, Oct. 6: Later, we’ll be gathering at a nearby bar to hold an Irish Wake for the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning.

Friday, Oct. 7: … an afternoon of panels at the Billy Ireland including our first big one— “Awards: Do They Still Matter?”


“An Evening with Keith Knight”


Saturday, Oct. 8: AAEC hosts the panel “Cartooning in a Post-Truth World,” followed by a special presentation of the new feature-length Bill Mauldin documentary, “If It’s Big, Hit It” … 


… our annual awards reception.

For more on the CXC schedule, check out They will be posting their own list of AAEC events at

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