Original Art – Herriman v Raymond v Watterson

Heritage Auctions currently has the original art of a George Herriman/Krazy Kat daily strip, an Alex Raymond/Flash Gordon Sunday page, and a Bill Watterson/Calvin and Hobbes daily up for bid.

The Herriman Krazy Kat is a very early sample of before the kat and mouse had their own strip, a time when they starred in a bottom strip to The Dingbat Family (ca. 1912 – 1913?).

Definitely a historical piece of art. Current bid = $3,000.00


The Flash Gordon Sunday page (no Jungle Jim topper) is from April 15, 1934, the 15th Flash Gordon.


Three months and one week after the debut of Flash Gordon.
Another historical piece of comic strip art. Current bid = $15,000.00


The Calvin and Hobbes daily strip is hand-colored by Bill Watterson and signed to Garry (Doonesbury) Trudeau. It features Calvin and his mother (and a dinosaur).

Bill Watterson original art from the Calvin and Hobbes strip are rare, even rarer than Krazy Kat strips from before the “real” Krazy Kat strip began (1913) or Alex Raymond Flash Gordon strips from that character’s first year. Current bid = $37,000.00

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  1. DARN! I wish I had a spare $3,000!! I would snap up that Dingbat/Krazy faster than . . . something. The other two are “nice”, but Krazy, so early, is History! Anybody want to give me $3,000?

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