Sofia Warren Interview and Gallery

Let us present to you Sofia Warren, a talented cartoonist, writer and animator from the United States! She’s been a cartoonist for The New Yorker since 2017 and has also contributed to MoMA magazine, Narrative Magazine, and Catapult, to name a few. Her illustrations catch attention with beautiful drawings as well as clever and witty remarks that one might find weirdly relatable.

© Sofia Warren

Bored Panda got in touch with Sofia to get to know a bit more about her and her creative process. The first question we asked was how her journey as a cartoonist started. This is what she answered: “Crossed paths with the Devil on a dark and dirty street. He said, ‘I can see you’re down on your luck, kid. How about a deal?’ Fame, fortune, the high life, He offered me, all for the low, low price of my soul. I said that sounded pretty good, and to take the damn thing. The Devil gave my soul a once-over, noting the holes, the soot and the grime. He wrinkled his nose. ‘OK, you know I can’t give you full price for this,’ said the Devil, pointing to an especially pronounced stain. ‘What is this, ketchup?’ (it was Chianti). But I’m no quitter, so I haggled and wheedled and now here I am, living my life of discount-bin celebrity. I think I got a pretty good deal.”

The Sofia Warren interview and cartoon gallery.

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  1. Must be Detroit, can’t wait to see him play da Bears. Apparently the devil does discounts, he must be renting your soul witch will be returned upon death.

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