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Wednesday August 10, 2022

Memes, Editorial Cartoons, and Visual Journalism: Lessons for Your Classroom
Wednesday, August 10, 2022 @ 5:00 pm6:00 pm EDT

Editorial cartooning is a powerful form of opinion journalism with a long history of effecting change and holding powerful individuals accountable. While the craft has evolved—even shaping contemporary forms of visual expression, such as memes—many key characteristics and functions remain the same.

This edWebinar, sponsored by the News Literacy Project (NLP), features a panel conversation with editorial cartoonists Lalo Alcaraz and Signe Wilkinson, who are both included in Power in Art: The Watchdog Role of Editorial Cartoonists, an innovative new lesson on NLP’s virtual classroom, Checkology®?.

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“Power in Art: The Watchdog Role of Editorial Cartoonists” 

Editorial cartoonists are known for their masterful, often trenchant use of images and text to express opinions or provide critique. Sometimes their work even propels national conversation or social change.

Now, students have a chance to explore the formidable history and impact of editorial cartoonists through a new, comprehensive Checkology® lesson, “Power in Art: The Watchdog Role of Editorial Cartoonists.” The lesson is included with the News Literacy Project’s free Checkology virtual classroom and is currently available to all educators. (You can preview the lesson here. To assign this to students, log in to or register for Checkology.)

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National Cartoonists Society Movie Night: Hand Drawn Life

The National Cartoonists Society is proud to host a free, public screening of Hand Drawn Life, an award-winning documentary about the history and influence of newspaper comic strips by Tom Tanquary with R.C. Harvey.

Tracing the rise and influence of comic strips from the early days of newspapers to now, this film includes interviews with 20 cartoonists and historians as well as artwork and insights from over 100 years of comic strips.

Put it in your calendars NOW and we’ll post out the Zoom link this week! ?A FREE Public screening will be held via Zoom at 4pm Eastern on Sunday, August 14th.

Register NOW at: https://bit.ly/HandDrawnLifeNCS


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