Monday Monday, Seems We Can’t Trust That Day

The Ghost Who Walks Walks No More

Monday August 8, 2022 sees Mike Manley return to The Daily Phantom art chores after an almost two month absence, only to kill off the star of the comic strip.

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Or so it seems.

Elsewhere in the Manley (and Marciuliano) Microcosm is a place where love goes to die.

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Or so it seems.



(or so it seems)

Though Mike has given us a sneak peak of the Judge Parker Sunday from next month:
a look at what we can only hope for someday (see comment below).


It seems Tank McNamara‘s love child is now guest-starring in Luann.

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Today’s Pardon My Planet seems to be more in Mike Peterson’s wheelhouse,
but since he didn’t run with it (and I found it “funny ’cause it’s true”) here it is:

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Elsewhere is where I have to go to get my daily dose of certain comics.

Dilbert, Reply All/Reply All Lite, Biographic, Fort Knox, and the current One Big Happy are some strips that are not available on GoComics proper, so I need to go to a newspaper site like The Oregonian or to Arcamax to read those strips. Like Sunday’s Shrimp & Grits.

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I will note that new(ish) to GoComics strips like Baby Blues and Mt. Pleasant haven’t made their way to the newspaper editions of GoComics (neither have such webcomics as Home Free, Globetrotter, Mannequin on the Moon, Back to B.C., and others). 

If I seem unhappy about it, I am.


3 thoughts on “Monday Monday, Seems We Can’t Trust That Day

  1. Those Sunday Pencils are a few years old, I think that was from a very late Woody Wilson storyline when they were in the RV and got trapped in the campground by a weather event.

  2. Having never seen their comics list, I clicked on The Oregonian and checked out a few strips I haven’t followed in years. WOW! It looks like “love” might be leaving Gil Thorpe as well as Judge Parker.

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