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UK Cartoonists on Losing Boris Johnson

Similar to U.S. editorial cartoonists when Trump was forced out of the spotlight,
United Kingdom cartoonists have mixed feelings as Boris Johnson steps down.

Rebecca Hendin, The Guardian

… I’m not a fan of Boris, though, and that definitely makes it easier to think of funny material. Sunak is probably my preference for leader, in an artistic sense. He is so small, it will be fun to play with that visually…

Chris Riddell, The Observer

… I’ve tremendously enjoyed drawing Boris. I have the ambivalence of many cartoonists, in that I enjoy the more colourful and egregious politicians, and when they go, I feel a pang…

… Now I’ll have to do my homework on Rishi’s tiny suits and Liz Truss’s enormous forehead…

Patrick Blower, The Daily Telegraph

… With the departure of Johnson, cartoonists are in mourning. He really was cartoon gold. One particular thing I found incredibly useful is that he’s one of the very few people you can draw from behind, and you always know instantly who he is. Compositionally that’s a very useful asset, because you can show him from his own point of view, careering towards some kind of disaster…

Christian Adams, Evening Standard

…There’s no denying that Boris has been a daily gift to cartoonists. Liz Truss I’m still finding very difficult to draw, as I haven’t had much practice. I’ve got Sunak down now: he has big ears, like Mr Potato Head, a big nose and big white teeth. Truss is more indistinct; kind of greasy and shiny, like a mannequin…

The Guardian asked 10 Leading UK cartoonists about drawing the outgoing and incoming PM.


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#1 Andréa Denninger
@ 7:18 am

Don’t despair . . . he ain’t gone yet!

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