Specific Gripe: M Fry & T Lewis “Political Agenda”

A letter to the editor of The Cadillac (Michigan) News:

I take exception with your weekend comic strip “Over the Hedge.” The portrayal of guns being stolen from a home through a pet door and buried, suggesting the guns themselves are a problem.

In fact, people can use guns for good or evil as the recent tragic Indiana mall shooting demonstrates.

A good guy hero with a gun stopped a deranged bad guy from continuing his murderous slaughter of innocent people. This hero stopped the bad guy in 15 seconds, which was much better than calling 911 and cowering under tables waiting for a police response.

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens would not have stopped a determined criminal, but would definitely have ended with more innocent deaths.

It’s fine for comics to poke fun at politicians and their foibles, but pushing a particular controversial political agenda is not what I expect or want to see in the Cadillac News.

The Sunday Over The Hedge:

© MFry & TLewis

Wonder how the writer feels about this week’s strip that has RJ and Verne
suing for not being provided with an adequate future?