The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) started in earnest Thursday (July 21) and
The National Cartoonists Society (NCS) counts among the exhibitors and goers.


The NCS notes there will be SDCC exclusives.

The legendary Sergio Aragones may not be at SDCC this year, but Groo The Wanderer is — in pin form! Stop by booth 1307 to pick up one of our two new enamel pins, Groo and Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo — exclusive to Comic Con! All proceeds go to the National Cartoonists Society Foundation.


Cartoonist and Charles M. Schulz Museum executive Alexis Fajardo will be at The Con
and making the rounds, including the NCS booth (#1307).


Brian Fies, NCS member and friend of TDC, is already there,
and trying to get by security without showing his vax card.

My schedule: Thursday 1-2 p.m. I’ll be drawing for Andrew Farago and the Cartoon Art Museum at booth #1634. Cartoonists volunteer to draw whatever patrons want for, I think, a $10 donation. I have packed my brush-pen and sharpened my colored pencils.
EDITED TO ADD: Just saw that I’m also scheduled to draw for CAM on Friday from 11-noon. I’m not 100% certain I can make that time, but will do my best!
Thursday 4-5 p.m. I’m in Room 25ABC talking about “The Last Mechanical Monster” at the “What’s New From Abrams ComicArts” panel.  I’ll be sharing the stage with my editor Charles Kochman, Abrams editor Charlotte Greenbaum, writer/editor/designer Chip Kidd, and writer Brian Michael Bendis. I know Chip but have never met Greenbaum or Bendis, so that’ll be fun.
After that panel, I get a few minutes to run downstairs before signing books at the Abrams booth (#1216-1217) from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Brian has a full schedule but hopefully will drop by the NCS booth.


Luke McGarry is there and is making news.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Luke McGarry is an illustrator, cartoonist, animator and designer from Manchester, UK, now based in Los Angeles, but is down in San Diego for Comic-Con weekend.

He stopped by the KUSI News studios to share a little bit about his career and even “cartoonized” our Good Morning San Diego team.

And Luke comes to the SDCC bearing gifts.

Coming exclusively to SDCC next weekend, the final pressing of my very rude “Bart of Finland” enamel pin in a new, rare colorway. Limited edition of 100, once it’s gone it’s gone for good!


Cartoonist Tom Richmond will also be at the NCS booth. which he had a hand in setting up.

Besides doing my own booth, I redesigned the National Cartoonists Society’s booth for 2022. You’ll find us at space 1307…

If you have signed up for Tom’s weekly newsletter you had a preview of the NCS booth.


Coming in next week’s The Ink Stained Wretch newsletter:

I’ll be there through the weekend. I’ll have a full report next week!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, DD. My CAM sketching and Abrams panel went as planned, and as well as they could. I also had a nice conversation with Tom Richmond and plan to see Lex Fajardo tomorrow. It’s a good trip! But that Iron Man guy is a real jerk.

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