Keith Knight Remembers The Old Hometown


We’ll narrow that Boston area to Malden.

Keith Knight, a Malden native, infuses his work with humor, creativity and social activism.

Knight went to high school in Malden, lived for a while in California’s Bay area (where the “Woke” series is based), later moved to Los Angeles and now lives with his wife and two children in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.



What are all the schools that you attended in Malden?

I first attended Daniels School [for elementary] which is now I think apartment buildings, or condos. And then my sister and I joined the Major Works program, which was at the Maplewood School [also no longer exists]. It was a special program where they take the so-called “smartest kids in the city” and put them all together from 4th – 6th grade. We did puppet shows and plays and we did all these presentations.

… just last Thanksgiving, my mom told me that I wasn’t one of the “smart ones.” It was actually my sister who got picked for it and they didn’t want her to be by herself so they included her twin brother!


Neighborhood View caught up with Keith Knight by Zoom to dig into his Malden roots, trace his memories and reflect on education, community, art, and racism.

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