Update: Gil Thorp, Popeye, Pickles, Peanuts Stamps

Henry Barajas begins his take on the Gil Thorp comic strip today.

Over the weekend The Arizona Daily Star interviewed Henry about Gil Thorp
(“It begins running Monday, July11, in the Star’s Sports section”).

Starting Monday, Barajas is writing a new chapter as author of the
longtime comic strip, Gil Thorp. He is the fourth writer of the
classic comic, which has been around for 64 years.

“This is definitely a dream come true,” Barajas said.

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Under Barajas’ pen, he plans to go back to the beginning of the comic
strip and bring back characters that haven’t been on the strip for a
while. He plans to introduce characters of color and with different
sexual orientations and gun violence.

“I hope (readers) see this character, Gil, try to do the right thing
despite what others might be saying is wrong or indecent or
un-American or not religious,” Barajas said.

Read the Daily Star interview here.


There is more clutching of pearls over Randy Milholland‘s plans for the Sunday Popeye.

In yet another sign of the cultural decline of western civilization, a beloved comic strip will be revamped for the modern “woke” era with Popeye joining other cartoon figures who have been adapted to evangelize homosexuality and transgenderism, the de facto religion of the ascendant political left.

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BizPacReview is shocked, shocked I tell you, about the new Popeye.

Outside of maybe Mickey Mouse himself, few cartoon characters have had the enduring appeal of Popeye but with the left’s cultural capture of the entertainment industry, publishing and the media there is no longer anything sacred.

Wait until they find out about Gil Thorp’s coming cultural cognizance.



Pickles joins the Andrews McMeel Syndication page.

It took a week but AMS added Brian Crane‘s Pickles to their page.


More Gil Thorp.

The Neal Rubin and Tribune Content Agency appreciation society.


Peanuts Stamps Release Date Revealed!

I don’t think we updated the latest about the 2022 U. S. Peanuts stamps.

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From Linn’s Stamp News:

The United States Postal Service has announced issue dates for most of the remaining 2022 U.S. stamps, including the 10 stamps honoring the birth centennial of Charles M. Schulz. The announcement was made June 15.

The 10 Charles M. Schulz stamps will be issued Sept. 30 [2022] in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Unfortunately by that time the Forever Stamps will cost two cents more.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is raising the cost of its Forever First-Class stamps on Sunday.

Here are some of the price changes that go into effect Sunday [July 10, 2022]:

Forever stamp, or mailing a one-ounce letter: Increasing from 58 cents to 60 cents.