Miscellaneous Monday – We’re All Over the Place

A reminder that if you are, or know, a young cartoonist doing political cartoons or comics journalism, you have until July 15 to submit work for this year’s Locher Award


The Sunday Heathcliff every which way.

© Creators Syndicate

Except for the title and the Kitty Korner companion panels Sean Kleefeld rearranges the Heathcliff Sunday half page in various formations and finds the strip still works.

… something I find interesting is that because of the way the narrative is constructed, you can place these panels in almost any order and still maintain the gist of the narrative.


Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers

Do you have to be a comedian or a humorist to execute funny in memoir? We don’t think so—and this episode tackles how humor shows up in the everyday, in universal experiences, and through the journey of looking inward. Guest David Sipress, whose New Yorker cartoons are recognizable worldwide, talks about his own insecurities in approaching memoir and how he worked through them.

The Literary Hub podcast interviews cartoonist David Sipress. 


Cambridge Comics

At an 800-year-old institution, it is rare to find an area of academic interest that is still open for the taking, but that is the case with graphic novels: although the dozens of libraries in Cambridge hold an occasional graphic novel here or there or, in one rare instance, roughly a shelf’s worth of graphic novels, there is no library in Cambridge with significant holdings.

A project to gather a graphic novel collection at Cambridge University. 


The Father of the New Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse © Disney

Paul Rudish has still left an undeniably important footprint in the medium [of animation] as a whole. Starting as a character design artist on storyboards for cartoons such as Batman: The Animated Series, he would eventually migrate to Cartoon Network … Rudish was eventually set to helm a series of shorts by Disney around Mickey Mouse, meant to revive the character and modernize the humor for new audiences. The shorts were so well-received that in 2020, Disney announced the new series The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

Movie Web profiles animator Paul Rudish.


The Kin-der-Kids Go to the Library

Feininger was an American painter, printmaker, draftsman, photographer, who lived in Germany from 1887 until 1937. He became a commercially successful cartoonist and illustrator for American and German magazines and newspapers in the 1890s, and created The Kin-Der-Kids for the Chicago Sunday Tribune. 

Join staff at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library for an open discussion of The Kin-Der-Kids by Lyonel Feininger.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Information & Registration: Comic Strip Book Club: The Kin-Der-Kids by Lyonel Feininger 


It’s a Funny Business

© Michael Maslin

I’ve never been comfortable identifying this cartoon life as a business. Not sure why. With The New Yorker cartoon department closed for two weeks, I suddenly have an extra few minutes to think about such things. I just looked up “business,” and here’s what I found…

Cartoonist Michael Maslin ponders what kind of “business” he’s in.