George Alexopoulos, “Center-Right Moderate” Cartoonist Invades the Digital Land of The Left

Scrolling through the sea of posts, pictures, and memes online can make conservatives feel like they’re outcasts. Endless screeds claiming anyone to the right of Mao is a bigoted and hateful person make up most of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But a growing cadre of conservative creatives is trying to make its mark online and prove the left doesn’t have a monopoly on the digital world. 

One of those artists is George Alexopoulos

“When it comes to interacting with critics, a lot of them want to make things serious.” By contrast, he says, “As long as it’s all in good fun, I encourage it. A good sense of humor is key to pushing back against (the serious stuff) we see online.”   

Despite his popularity amongst the online right desperate for some representation, Alexopoulos doesn’t see himself as a role model or a political influencer.  

“I’m just a guy at his desk fooling around,” he says. “This is what the internet does—we laugh and post stupid things.” 

images © George Alexopoulos

Alexopoulos himself proves that the left’s current method of sanitizing the web through attacking critics doesn’t actually work and oftentimes drives people to be more assertive in their politics.

A self-described center-right moderate, he said, “They forced me into this box. They forced me into these things. They made me out to be this boogieman, so I became the boogieman they said I was.”

The Daily Signal, a conservative website, interviews cartoonist George Alexopoulos.

3 thoughts on “George Alexopoulos, “Center-Right Moderate” Cartoonist Invades the Digital Land of The Left

  1. These examples are just bad, and it has nothing to do with politics.

    And “It’s your fault I became an awful person”? Really? I guess those claims of “personal responsibility” are as phony as every other conservative claim.

  2. I don’t believe caricaturing Nancy Pelosi as literally demonic and AOC as a callous mass killer of children is “moderate.”

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