Breitbart Alerts The Right to New Woke Popeye


After nearly a hundred years in existence, the Popeye comic strip is reportedly getting a woke makeover, with the strip’s latest cartoonist promising more ethnic diversity and “more characters who aren’t heterosexual.”

The right wing news site Breitbart has an article about ideas newly introduced in the Popeye comic strip. The item informs its readers about “Olive Oyl’s sister-in-law Cylinda Oyl is now Afro-Latina” and new Sunday Popeye cartoonist Randy Milholland saying “Popeye was gender fluid.”

The reactions to this news in the comments section are variations of “The leftists corrupt all they touch.”

Popeye © King Features Syndicate

One thought on “Breitbart Alerts The Right to New Woke Popeye

  1. It’s a small thing, but I do always appreciate confirming that the right-wing-nutter brigade does not know a thing about something I love, such as Popeye.

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